///Required Winter Reading///

Terrence and I are probably somewhere over Arizona right now, but I thought I would take a second to remind you, now that the presents are opened, the songs have been sung… you still are in need of a really good book. A book written by a very passionate writer whose greatest aspiration is to have her book
sitting on one of your dusty bookshelves or well-loved and hidden under your bed.

Let me paint a picture for you: Set in the 1930s in the bustling city of Chicago fresh off of it's reigning glory of once again hosting a World's Fair, and in the frozen northern reaches of Traverse City, Michigan, in an eerie asylum that causes as much gloominess as it can cure.

A young woman languishes in a prison of mind and body racked by the sadness of a friend's tragic end. She cannot remember her own past, and she struggles to let go of a friendship that was stolen too soon. The story is a trip into madness and how the mind twists itself to cope with the realities of a cruel world--but also perhaps, heals itself into the beauty and optimism of life, love and redemption.

Check it out! I would be positively tickled to hear your thoughts.
The book is available in:
Amazon Paperback and Kindle Format
Barnes and Noble Paperback

And, if you're in Traverse City, find it at Horizon Books on Front St.

Stay well, and read on!

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