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After the party... taking a minute to breathe!

Last week I was thrilled and honored to host a Fiesta Night in conjunction with the ladies of Coast to Coast Central. It was about raising money for a good cause, enjoying some snacks, dressing up kinda  festive, chatting, laughing, and sipping some margaritas.

Forming relationships with the women around us (although Terrence did drop in and out to make sure I didn't need anything) is an important part of creating positive change. Change in our attitudes, change in our relationships, change in our communities, the world, and ourselves. Creating bonds and learning about the lives and struggles of the women close to you, helps to focus a little on the struggles and lives of the women that we don't know. The other people in the world whose lives we could change.

Although I may seem fairly comfortable with words online, and I did used to be a teacher...speaking in front of a group of women is difficult for me. I have never had many female friends, and have a tendency to feel out of place when around many women at once. (My family is mostly boys, and all of my best friends are boys...etc.) But having this party was important to me, and it was a great way for me to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and foster change in my own life too.

If you'd like to learn more about the project please click here: Coast to Coast Fiesta Night Info
And if you'd like to support the cause (every little bit helps!) Click here: Donate to the Justice Tour

Or for information on some of Coast to Coast Central's other causes (or if you just like pretty necklaces and cool tshirts that support awesome causes) click the links below!
The Wolf Tee: Supports an Orphanage in Cambodia
The Darling Necklace: Empowering Women to Rise Above Injustice Through Fashion

 xo's lovers! See you back on Friday!

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