Hey! I Made That!///Faux Leather Purse

Well, we hope everyone had a safe, fun New Year! We certainly did, and as nice as it is to be home, we wish we were somewhere else again. That's what happens when you have the travel bug.

So, in an effort to save some cash, have a little fun and provide me with another creative outlet, I decided to make something. As a writer and author, my days are pretty much based completely in creativity, except for when I'm doing charming things like cleaning the cat litter, or washing the dog's butt, or desperately searching for the mate of one of Terrence's socks. Or lamenting the fact that he owns and wears so many socks in a matter of a week.

So, even though I am impatient, careless and truly a terrible crafter, from time to time I find a project that I instantly endeavor, and it usually ends in tears and disappointment. This time though, I was quite pleased.

I found a DIY for a "make your own purse" on Pinterest, and although I do not need a purse, the directions looked simple and so I rushed into it, headfirst. The directions call for a piece of leather, but instead I used faux leather (cruelty-free bitches!) and basically just a bunch of shit I had laying around my house. (Oddly enough, the faux leather came from a coat that belonged to….Terrence. oops. But he NEVER wore it. So, I basically, did the coat a favor. And Terrence. Because now there is less clutter. And I saved money on not buying fabric. right? Right? RIGHT? Right. ) For the purse strap I used a crappy leather belt that came on an equally crappy dress that has already found a new home at Goodwill ages ago.

So I just cut, sewed (by HAND, no sewing machines in this house- except ME that is!), and voîla!  Here is a copy of the tutorial, and try not to be too jealous of my new one-of-a-kind designer, ( I mean, I DID design it) bag.
Tutorial: Between the Lines: Simple Leather Bag

Try it out, and lemme know how it looks.
Namaste y'all !

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