//A Day at the Museum//

I have always loved going to the museum. Any museum. The word itself excites me, because I know that no matter if it is an Art Museum, a History Museum, or a Paper Making Museum, that I will be looking at things held, touched, loved and used in the past. As a student of history, this makes these items, or these pieces of art...kind of like a talisman to the past or a touchstone of some kind. Whatever it is, museums have always had a hold on me.

More than that, it's the fact that some pieces can resonate with you so deeply that it is jarring...while others seem to completely fall flat. (But, yet, they may strike a chord with someone else.) So, I also like that a connection can be made with an object, a painting, an artifact, and stay with you after leaving. Sort of ghostly, isn't it?

Because we have been to museums (together and apart) all around the United States and Europe, we realized it was a strange that we weren't members of the Museum of Fine Arts here in Houston. Especially when they were having an exhibition on French Impressionist Painters right now, and a John Singer Sargent exhibition next. So we signed up and trotted over for a day of gazing and discussing. 

I like going to the museum with Terrence especially, because we go together...but we look at things completely separately. THEN, we reunite and show each other our favorites, and explain why. It's beautiful to me to be able to experience art alone, and then have the luxury of explaining my feelings about a piece with someone who understands me, (and the same for him). 

The painting above is entitled, "Peaceful Days" by Giovanni Boldini, an Italian painter working in France. I love his swishy style, and this painting especially. He has another painting, called "Confidences" that I like very much also. But, the work above especially affects me, in that the woman's hair looks so messy real, and the air of peace and contentment is palpable... it feels how a relaxing Sunday should feel, and the colors are just lovely. I could look at this all day.

Anyway, if you're here in Houston, the Impressionist Exhibit only runs until the 3rd week in March, and it's worth seeing. They also have "Roads of Arabia" (!!!!) and a Georges Braque retrospective on special exhibition (we don't care for his modern/cubist stuff too much). If you're not in Houston, then seek out your local gallery... it could be what you're missing.

Be happy, get culture. xx

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