A Pep Talk for Feeling Low

Over the past few weeks, I have been hit a few times with bad news. Delays, rejection, and watching a lot of work that I have put in to a project come to nothing. 

It sucks.

There is never the right word for someone to say, or the right phrase, or tone. I kept expecting Terrence to say it, as he sat there trying to comfort me. Me, crying like a child, and trying not to look disgusting with my nose running and splotchy face and him...trying so hard to say the right thing. But, there is no right thing. There is no magic word. There is no incantation that can be said to assuage a broken heart. A spell to put things right. There is only time.

Time. The more of it that passes shows us that the problems of yesterday weren't the enormous burden we imagined them. That the horrors of the world were not quite so horrible. That the enemies we perceived around every corner were merely phantasms. 

So where is the pep-talk? Here.  Your state of mind is the majority of your health. Your attitude determines your happiness. 
And THIS is the important part. When you feel low, down, depressed, alone, misunderstood and worthless, when you feel like there is no up--only down, and as if there is no end to this horrible pain in your chest that confirms you have no value....
WAIT. Just wait. It will look different in the morning. It will be different next week. It will only be a faint scar in a few months. 

I wish I had something better. More poetic or beautiful. But, I find that the most beautiful words can never beat the passage of time for healing a hurt soul. Sending positive vibes to you, no matter what your personal struggle. Sending healing yoga thoughts and love. Know that you do not struggle alone. 

Be well, be happy, SMILE

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