Chocolate Tart for Your Heart

Valentine's Day is upon us. St. Valentine's Day is my saint's day, as I am Alexandria Valentina, but I digress. 

I love Valentine's Day. I have some other posts coming for my ideas on how to spend it, but suffice it to say, it's not just a day for lovers. It's a day for love. Any love. And today, that love is chocolate and delicious.

I first saw this recipe on the Betty Rocker's instagram, and I knew it was exactly what the doctor ordered. She posted this recipe in reference to balance. Probably not a good idea to eat a chocolate tart everyday, but once in a while? It'll do you good. Plus, the flavonoids in the chocolate ARE good for your heart. WebMD: A Dark Chocolate A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

So, this recipe, is sweet, luscious, easy, and rich (just how I like my men. Just Kidding. Kind of)

Semi-Healthy Chocolate Tart
can of fermented coconut milk (full fat is fine)
melted dark chocolate
gluten free (or regular) crust of choice

Using between a cup, or a cup and half of each (depending on the serving you are making)
Melt chocolate over medium heat. 
Stir in coconut and allow to thicken
Pour into pre-baked pastry shell and chill. It will form a kind of mousse/pudding consistency.

Eat. Ravenously.

Be well, eat chocolate.

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