Right now, I am crushing hard on a few things. If you are looking for something new to love on for your workout/beauty routine/snack... then give these darlings a try!


2 things. First,  the Handful Bra. Their tagline is "flatter, not flatten." It's a sports bra that looks cool enough to wear to the pool after a workout. The one I have is really comfortable and gives the same coverage with less material. If you're in the market, check it out.

Secondly,  my Skora Phases. I have two pairs now, and I love them. I love the colors, I love the material, I love how easy they are to wash,  l love the feel of the shoe on my foot. If you knew me in HS, you'd probably be surprised to hear me say I liked running shoes. Most of the running I did then was to the pantry to grab some Swiss Cake Rolls, and you don't need shoes for that. Anyway, I've grown very passionate about running/walking/moving/exploring these past few years and I can't enough of these sweet shoes.

 The beauty product that I am loving lately is nothing new, I've used it for years. It's a cheap dry shampoo that works miracles. Battiste Blush Dry Shampoo is economical, it has a pleasant scent, and it really makes your hair look clean. Seriously. Like gross, oily, hair becomes soft, clean-looking and full with just a little spray and then some vigorous rubbing of  the product into the scalp. I have used more expensive ones, and I do like the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo for travel, (non-aerosol) but the price tag is 3x more. So, you pick.

Hands down, Perfect Foods Bars. Terrence and I love them for travel, for bikerides, for snacking, for dessert. They are amazing. They are a little calorie heavy, but it's because they are completely chock-full of healthy ingredients. (You could probably sub one for a meal and be full) We especially love the Carob Chip Bar and the Almond Butter. We will usually split one during the day if we are running errands, or split one after dinner. You can order them online, or we buy ours at Whole Foods.

Are we friends on Facebook? Instagram? If not, let's connect, I'd love to hear your thoughts and some of the items your currently crushing on.
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 Namaste Y'all!

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