//Antwerp & Amsterdam//

That's right, kiddos! Terrence and I leave this upcoming Saturday for a weeklong trip to Amsterdam and Antwerp. Terr has a work conference in Antwerp, and we get a few days at the end of the conference to spend in Amsterdam, aka, my favorite city in the world. (Please universe let me live there forever)

I'm also excited because Amsterdam is the first story of my new book, which is a collection of short stories, each set in a different city in Europe or the United States. (Feels like a good sign!) Available beginning of April!

Anyway, this week I will be exploring some of our travel musts. Must haves for beauty, for health, and just some items that I think every traveler should have. So if you have trips for Europe...or really for anywhere...lined up for this year, stay tuned this week for my best advice.

Above are some pictures from last year's trip to Amsterdam.  I love the top picture because of the contrast of the new bright, neon lighting with the majesty of the canal houses. The second picture is of the late-great Andre Hazes. He was a famous Dutch singer, and stay out at any bar with locals long enough and you'll be singing along with them (even if you are making up the words). And finally, a very handsome couple that we spotted on our visit. (Am I right?)

See you on Wednesday with some travel tips.  And HAPPY ST. PAT'S!!!

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