Just Breathe//Just Be

Not to be totally hokey, but I wanted add a little meditation to the middle of the week. Studies continue to show that taking a few moments to detach from the present and fill up with positive energy will improve your health inside and out! If that sounds too hippity-dippity for you, then look at the facts: Meditation Health Benefits

Now that we are all on the same page, let me say that I love meditation because you can't do it wrong.  For me, I will often do it as I am running. Or sitting on the couch eating lunch. It doesn't have to be candles and chanting and complete and utter silence (though it can be if you like!) It's just moments of being detached from the stresses of your life, where you focus your mind on a specific goal..for me, it is positive intention. 

Something like, "Breathe in light, breathe out darkness. Breathe in love, breathe out hate. Breathe in value, breathe out insecurity. Embrace friendship, cast away loneliness" Things like that. My Dad would call that "getting my mind right". Which is really all it is. 

Take a few moments before the rest of the week, remind yourself:
Live light, give light,
See light, be light
Embrace light, hold tight. 

And I think that's what I like about meditation too. You can think and say any silly, corny, lovely things that make you happy, and no one can laugh at you. 

So, positive thoughts, positive intentions and love, love, love to you all!
See you back here on Friday for a St. Patrick's Day post!
Namaste Y'all! xx

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