Just a Quick Note

Hey there, chickadees! To say that I am excited about this new book is an understatement. The 3rd book, "Wide, Wild, Everywhere" will be out in the beginning of April, and I am thrilled to share it with everyone! 

I am also elbows deep already writing a 4th, (such is life), and so to celebrate all of this literary abundance, I have reduced the price of "Shears of Fate" on Kindle to $3.49! That's less than two coffees!(It's actually like, the price of ONE latte) You could find that in your couch! Your dog could safely eat that in quarters without dying! That's less than you tip the valet! ( I hope)

The best thing about buying it on Kindle is that...you don't have to have a Kindle. You can download the kindle app on your smartphone, or right to your computer. You could be reading all kinds of books on your phone! (Which is such a better option when waiting at the dentist than just mindlessly scanning through Facebook)

Anyway, take advantage of the sale price and spread the word...and get excited about the new book. Details coming next week!

xx and see you back here tomorrow for my final travel post before we go abroad!

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