Sneak Peek:::Newest Novel

In spirit of this latest trip, I present to my readers, the cover of my upcoming book. It isn't out quite yet, still some publishing hoops to jump through, but I am very proud of this work. 

There are 10 stories, each set in a different city in Europe and the United States. It is meant as a character study, and an observation of how travel changes us...and how we are the same the world over. All struggling with the same heartaches, betrayals, triumphs, dreams...etc. I wrote it as short stories so that they could be read between stops on the tram, or waiting for the plane at the airport. The whole novel could be read on a flight, and then re-read again. Terrence liked the format saying, "The short stories leave me time to savor the story, not rush through to finish. It also leaves time to reflect on each story and relate to it in a human way". Beautiful words, and I completely understand him, because that's how I felt when I wrote it!

Updates about the release are forthcoming, but until then, check out my Amazon Author Page or download (or order in paperback) the last book and read it before the new one comes out!

Thanks for your continued love, support and for READING! Every time you read my book, or my blog, my dreams come true. Thanks. 

 See you back here Monday for posts about our trip to Amsterdam/Antwerp and for updates on the book!


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