Travel Tips: Beauty

I love to travel. I talk about it a lot. But, I just lied...kinda. I love to BE in a new place, but I HATE getting there. I hate what the airplane does to my hair, to my skin, to my health. I hate riding in the car. I hate long train rides. I actually don't like the physical act of traveling. I like ARRIVING.

But, since you can't arrive somewhere without traveling, because science, I have to make do with a few products and tricks that keep me reasonably attractive and comfortable whilst voyaging.

Now, this isn't just a girly post. I've got some boy tips too. In fact, Terrence himself is male and because I care for him as the large man-child that he is, I have an inside look at what men need to be comfortable when traveling also.

On the plane: Skin
 The air on the plane is only 10% humidity at 35,000 feet. That means that you are drying out. Literally. Prolonged exposure to air that dry will leave your skin looking haggard, your hair brittle and basically you will feel like garbage.

How to combat? Before the plane, I restrict makeup to a mixture of moisturizer and cc cream. I use Juice Beauty CC Cream, but obviously you use whatever works for you. I bring derma e hydrating spray on the plane and spritz during flight, and so does Terrence. It's a spray moisturizer, it's small and it feels really nice on your face after sitting so long.

The last precaution I take for my skin is wearing a Sleep Mask. (As does Terrence). We have a lot of trouble sleeping on the plane. I mean, we're on a vehicle that is FLYING THROUGH THE SKY. But a good satin sleep mask helps to block out the light and the satin is easy on sensitive under-eye skin.

On the plane: Hair
I have long, thick but fine hair. It dries out really easily.  I normally get off the plane and look something like a bedraggled, greasy, sewer rat. (IMO) So, I finally hit upon a strategy that works. I wash my hair the morning of the flight, add in some Beauty Protector: Protect & Detangle Spray and a little hair oil to the ends, and then I braid. Two braids. When we land, I spritz with a little more oil and undo the braids and I have beachy waves for my first day of the trip. (Or at least my hair isn't ruined and I can wash it into looking fairly normal.)

Besides that, (men and women) apply lip balm frequently, drink-drink-drink that water, and moisturize constantly. It makes a big difference in how you feel climbing off that plane.

See you back here Friday for some of our favorite travel snacks for long flights and other accessories we can't do without.

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