Travel Tips: Nibbles & Accessories

anti theft purse and scarves, scarves, scarves

Tomorrow we fly!

Eating on the go can be rough. Especially since airplane food is not only DISGUSTING, it's also not even really food. It's like chemicals and gross and yuck.

So we bring our own.


Basically we pack a lot of foods that are nutrient dense and can be eaten without too much mess. We especially love these Vigilant Eats superfood-oat based cereal cups. They are organic, low-glycemic, gluten-free and you can use cold water to make them. Which is important because the hot water you get on a plane has been found to have E. Coli bacteria in it, whereas the cold water comes from a bottle (or you can bring your own purchased after security.) They are tasty, hearty and perfect for flights. We also like an assortment of bars like Thunderbird Energetica and Sweet Earth Natural Foods bars. And then trail mixes, chips, etc.

Also big on the list is bringing some kind of green juice powder like Aloha or Amazing Grass. Filled with healthy, raw ingredients, they can be a good pick-me-up when mixed with water or juice mid-flight or post-flight.

For us, our favorite travel "stuff" are things like unisex infinity scarves, Travelon Anti-Theft bagsCompression Socks and easy slip-on loafers/flats for airport security and city-exploring comfort. Terrence is loving his Nisolo Moreno Loafers and I have fallen hard for my Ballasox Flats.

The scarves are good for added warmth and make our basic travel clothing a little more interesting. The anti-theft bags came about after a few very paranoid rides on the Paris metro (and one pick-pocketing that I prevented by yelling at the thief loudly in nonsense words. Think: AHHHH GARRRR!! NNOOOOO! NAAAAAA!) Now, we just don't think about it because we feel safer. The compression socks keep our feet warm and circulation going while sitting, and the comfy shoes are self-explanatory for anyone who has either 1. been to an airport before and 2. explored a large European city on foot.

Travel well!

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