A Mucho Bueno Fiesta at Madewell

Last night I enjoyed a beautiful evening at Madewell on behalf of my darling friends Brandi and Kelly from Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno. We slugged some champagne, chomped on macarons and generally had a marvelous time. I was so happy to meet some Instagram friends, (always a bonus to meet internet friends in real life!) and I made the most of the Skargorn/Madewell collab by snagging one of the sleeveless tees, that I thought made me look pretty rad. (If I do say so myself.) 

I must apologize too, it looks like no one is there, but really the store was full. I just got there early, took my photos, and then stowed my phone for the evening. Sorry, I'm not sorry. As long as I got some candids with Princess Brandi, I was on the moon.

I love the opportunity to hang out with other bloggers, Instagram Blogtographers and just in general meet other like-minded people, especially when it is promotion of a blog and set of sisters that I admire and love so very much. Check out the Bueno Sister's blog for deets + fashion+ to track their adventures. 

And as always, have a rockin' weekend & see ya on the flip flop. (That's code for Monday.) xx

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