Ambling through Antwerp

Well, the whirlwind traveling has come to a close, (for now).  Terrence and I traveled to Antwerp, Brussels, and Amsterdam on an unexpected work trip. The work portion of the trip was a conference in Antwerp, which meant that I was alone for a lot of the day.

And as much I missed his company, I really like being alone also. It is an unexpected pleasure to find oneself in a new city, and to look on it with fresh eyes, with no expectations. I constantly marveled at the romance of Antwerp. It is a Medieval town, and its roots and history are ever present among the alleys, winding streets and the charming Amsterdam-esque facades of the buildings.

My favorite part? It seemed... almost deserted most of the time.  During the week when I imagine most of the inhabitants were at work, it was almost like being in a small town. Just a few people sitting the cafès and browsing in the shops. It startled me, this quietness, after experiencing the constant buzz of places like Rome, Paris and Amsterdam. It was relaxing, and it was easy to feel at home.

Because of the conference, I often dined alone at night, which was a bit unnerving for me. I don't mind eating alone, but out at a restaurant at dinner time? It was a bit strange. BUT, I was fortunate enough to spark conversation with a group of Italian businessmen, who obviously became my boon companions and dinner dates for the rest of the time we were in Antwerp...culminating in a very beautiful night in Brussels, which I will leave for the next post.

See you back here on Friday for a post on a Houston Brunch hotspot, and then all next posts!

xx travel often and smile constantly!

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