Amsterdam Adventures

I. Love. Amsterdam. LOVE.  As in, I feel intimately connected with this city. Everything about it makes me happy. The food. The canals. The tourists. The canal houses. The museums. The trams. The beauty. And... our friend Michael. We met him last year when we went to Amsterdam, and we both adore him.

We didn't have much time in Amsterdam, just Friday and Saturday, but with a little help from our friends Michael and Achelle, we made the most of it. We visited our favorite haunts, beginning with De Groene Vlinder, then lunch at Juice & Salad (which I actually wrote a post about last year- Healthy Eats- Amsterdam: Juice& Salad). We capped off our night in the Leidseplein both nights, and had our final dinner at Café Loetje, which is Terrence's favorite restaurant...maybe in the world.

Then Michael surprised us on Saturday with a picnic in Vondelpark, which pretty much sealed our fate. Sitting on a blanket, looking out on the water, listening to the conversations around us and the soft strumming of a nearby guitar, we ate Dutch cheese spread on healthy crackers, chomped on some organic cashews, and drank mineral water...realizing that this was pure happiness.

 We have decided that one way or another, we are moving to this marvelous "Venice of the North", because we love it so very much. There are lots of places I long to visit, revisit, and travel to. Lots of places that resonate with my gypsy soul...but Amsterdam is the one place I can imagine myself living.

What's your favorite place? xx See you back here Friday!

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