Necessary Yoga Post

Hey frans, hope your week is going well.  Over the past few months my yoga routine has gone from consistent to slacking, to nonexistent and now I'm back at consistent. Yoga often seems daunting to me, even though it is supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating/strengthening/all good things. But, sometimes, for whatever reason, it just seems like hitting the gym is a gazillion times less trouble.

But lately, I have been approaching yoga differently. I do a ten minute youtube yoga video, or I put on some music I really like (think NON yoga music) and just bust different poses that feel good. No routine, no script, no right or wrong.'s the balls. I love it. I finally feel like, after alllll these years, I "get" yoga. It's about paying attention to your body, duh. So sometimes that means being told what to do for 10-20 minutes before I run, from a youtube yogi, sometimes it's going to a class, and sometimes it's inventing my own sequence and not caring if it makes sense. Yoga is not something to get stressed out about, (although I find that a lot of people do!)

So, my favorites? Recently I have been working a lot on crow pose, as a way of strengthening my upper body and eventually moving into a full handstand. I have gotten fairly proficient at it, and only face plant to disastrous results in a very blue moon. And high bridge. I am loving it. I had heard another yogi say, "it's like a yawn for your body" and it sure the heck is.

So, if you've been avoiding yoga, give it another shot. Make it work for you. Whether it's 90 minutes in the heat or 10 minutes before work, the connection of your body and mind is invaluable for peace and happiness.

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