Still Wide, Still Wild, Still Everywhere

The reviews are in, and Wide, Wild, Everywhere is a hit! I am loving the responses I have been getting from this latest book, and it has been so encouraging while I am writing this next one. One of the things I find fascinating is how different stories resonate with different people. It's beautiful to see how one story might mean the world to one person, and a completely different story feels relatable to someone else. I love seeing readers connecting to my work. 

Today, I have a quick book excerpt for you, so if you've been on the fence about picking up a copy... STAHPPPP it! 

"It wasn’t that she hated Amalfi. No, its charms were irresistible even to her. She fell for its beauty and fantasy qualities as much as the tourists who were seeing it for the first time. She knew she lived in a paradise of color and warmth and dreams. And that was part of the problem. Amalfi was her beautiful, familiar lover. She knew every piece of his geography, every chink in his walls, every twist of his passages. The wide world was her unknown exotic paramour, enticing her with promises of love and excitement that Amalfi could never offer. Where did people that lived in paradise go on vacation? She didn’t know."

All of the stories are connected in some way... and it has been interesting seeing people picking up on the connections. Grab a copy from Amazon, Books-A-Million or Barnes & Noble and get reading! (Available worldwide)

So, if you're about to have a vacation, or you NEED one, this is a good place to start. xx
See you Monday!

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