The Meaning of Ink

To me, tattoos with a story have always been lovely. I used to look at my papa's anchor tattoo from the navy during WWII, and I was just fascinated by it. It represented a moment in his life, it was tied to memories- some tragic, some hopeful. It seemed like a kind of magic, to have your story "written" on you, as it were. 

As I grew older, I didn't think much about tattoos again until I was in my twenties. My first was a star on my left wrist. My father had written a song for me as a child, with the words:
"Alexandria, girl so full of love, like starlight from above, Alexandria"
and, Alexandria has also been called the "star of Egypt" so it felt...right. 

I added a few more, just small. And then I noticed that all of the tattoos I had gotten had been in times of trouble or sadness. I had had the art inked onto my flesh in my times of doubt and symbols that were meaningful only to me. 

To me, tattoos are a way of taking a cut or a wound, something that would scar my heart...and instead I choose to turn it into something beautiful on the outside. So, in lieu of wearing my ugly pain inside me, I can instead wear artwork on my skin. I think it's a sound theory.

I have often been told that I am strong. That I am resilient, and intrepid. And I think this is why. Not because I am any stronger naturally than anyone else...but because I have found this way (among others!) to turn my weakness and frailty into something beautiful and strong. 

We all have ways of coping. I have my stories written on my skin and in this blog and in my books. What are yours? How do you turn your distress into love? How do you transform your sadness into healing?

xx See you back here Wednesday. Love and Light to all of you, no matter your struggle.

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