Hump Day Hummus

A few weeks back, a friend of mine, Joy from For the Love of Leaves Blog presented this easy, incredibly tasty curry hummus recipe. Because Terrence and I are still in raptures over our new blender, I decided to give it a shot. ( I mean, I am still sans food processor...but dat blender doh...)

Anyway, I didn't actually possess any turmeric. But I did have tahini, garbanzo beans, and lemon. Sooo...close enough, amirite?

Here's a link to Joy's lovely blog and her divine recipe. (She has some recipes for vegan chocolate desserts that will make your brain literally explode. Well, not literally. But figuratively.)
For the Love of leaves: Yellow Curry Hummus/Vegan/GF

That's it! Make it, eat it, send me prayers of thanks and drop back by on Friday!

xx Namaste y'all!

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