Summer Tutorial: Perfect Cut-Offs

I have always been inappropriately proud of my left-handedness. Being left-handed is like this really cool, exclusive, club that no one gives a shit about except you, and other left-handed people. The only time it REALLY sucks, (besides all of the dying earlier than right-handers and all that jazz) is when you are asked to use scissors. If they aren't lefty scissors its like trying do calculus in a handstand. In fact, in 3rd grade I had to sit out from music class once a week to practice "cutting" with some weird 5th grader that had volunteered to help. Basically he drew shapes on paper, and then made me cut them out. Let's just say it didn't help, (not to mention I was using those terrible all-metal school scissors that couldn't cut butter.)

Anyway, fast forward. Today I have an amazing perfect cutoff DIY for you, just in time for summer. But, don't be fooled. Terrence cut these. 

Here's the link to the tutorial (and it's seriously the best.) Also, be reminded that my husband is the bombdotcom because he MADE me these shorts.

See you back here Friday for my packings for Paris post!! xx

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