Toasted Fideo with Fresh Fennel, Leeks & Black Olives

In June, I go to Barcelona with mi madre. So, I was over the moon when Robert Sinksey Winery, (the only wine club we feel like we can reasonably afford because they only ship 4x a year) sent us this recipe for a Spanish Fideo with our last package. 

It marries the flavors of fresh fennel (which I had neva-eva cooked with before), leeks, tomato and black olives. The flavors were subtle, but complex and we were both pretty thrilled with eating like a million pieces of pasta. (It was consumed in the name of CULTURE!) The best part was, it was like, mandatory to slightly dry out/toast/kinda burn the noodles. It was part of the recipe. Seriously.

Trying new recipes is a lot of fun, especially when you don't have to have special tools or expensive processors or whatever.  As we sat out on our back porch, the sun was beginning to set, we sipped some bold red wine and shoved forkfuls into our jaws that we had basically unhinged before dinner. It was delicious. And it had me dreaming of Barcelona streets and nights in the Ramblas with my mommy. 

Here's a link to the recipe on the Robert Sinksey Website:
I obviously did not use ham, since we do not eat meat,and I did add shallots and one fresh tomato (it was just laying there in the kitchen). 
Enjoy and see you back here Wednesday. 

xx Namaste Y'all

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