Wild Wanderings

Hello, lovelies! This Friday brings Terrence and I just thismuchcloser to our next set of travels in France. We've had quite a year for adventures already: Vegas, San Francisco, Antwerp, Brussels, and Amsterdam. And we still have: Paris, Barcelona, Amalfi, Torino, Napa, Lisbon, Vegas (again), Aruba and Disney.

And I am ashamed to say, I want more. Travel is such an alive experience, isn't it? I think because it is  uncomfortable. Because it can be exhausting and frustrating and difficult. But it is also exciting, invigorating and bold. It is new experiences and people and architecture. It is unusual food, and places you've read about and are now making part of your own story. 

Which brings me to the book. I find myself re-reading chapters to remember the feeling of a city. To recall the comfort or familiarity of a place that I have been, but am having trouble connecting with.

 I have another excerpt for you below:

"He took a deep breath in, and coughed. Dan didn’t like the city. His ears seemed to ring continuously with the sounds of squealing brakes, the constant thrum of construction and the roar of a far off motor cycle. The air felt dirty. He’d been a lot of places, camped, hunted, seen his share of the world, but he didn’t get why anyone would choose to live in a swarming, swampy, stinking city. He walked out of his hotel, and looked up at the jagged knives of buildings that seemed to be grazing the sky itself. He thought of the view from his own property out in west Texas. The air seemed brighter at home. The morning clearer, and night time was darker. That inky darkness would swallow you whole after the sun went down. Sounds were so clear that nature felt as if it was in the room with him, instead of safely outside his bolted doors. On some nights, the silence was so absolute, his own rustling around in bed, and the sound of his own breath startled him. No, that kind of thing had no place here. Only two women could ever have brought him into a city, dragged him from the refuge of the comfort of his home, and one of them was dead and buried. " 
Excerpt from, "Houston" in "Wide, Wild, Everywhere"

I hope the rest of your year is filled with exploration, large and small. I sincerely wish that you embark on the rest of these months with wonder and excitement. I hope that you will read my book and take something away from it. That it will resonate with you and remind you of relationships, experiences and travels of your own...and perhaps inspire more? 

Grab a copy of "Wide, Wild, Everywhere" on Kindle or in Paperback from Amazon. Or from Barnes and Noble

Travel often, eat well, and smile constantly...ain't life beautiful though?

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