Bonjour, Paris!

Arc d' Triomphe
Hotel Deville


C'est bon! This year's trip to Paris was warmer, lovelier, greener and much more delicious than last year. I thought to start off this series of Paris posts by introducing our trip instead of just throwing us all right into it. Over this next week or so I have posts highlighting some of our favorite things to do in the city of love (and macarons. And chocolate mousse. And champagne. And crepes. AND CARBS.) 

We have some lovely shots from Montmartre, some decadent looks at Versailles, and some swoon-worthy photos of our rambles throughout Paris. And while the trip wasn't quite as warm as we had imagined, it was still a far cry from the freezing temperatures of last year. (and gave us good excuses to snuggle closer.) 

We have tips + tricks + some beautiful reflections on why this loud, crazy, touristy, pickpockety city makes everyone dream of sweet nutella kisses under the sparkle of the Eiffel Tower. 

See you back here Wednesday.

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