Paris Swoon

It's Monday and I need a reason to swoon and love life again. 
For all of it's flaws, Paris really is achingly lovely. Every single block is a picture waiting to be taken, a painting to painted, a book to be written. (Or a series of blog posts, as the case may be)

In grey skies, in blue, with sun or rain, there is a different kind of beauty to be found in all weather, in all temperatures. There is always something to look at, to wonder about, to be fascinated by. There is a constant reminder to hold your lover's hand, or to smell the roses, to take a seat on a bench and look at the trees. To remember to drink wine and talk and eat good food with people you love. 

Paris can be troubling and even scary, but it is so vibrantly, ALIVE....and I think that's what wakes everyone up. How can one sleep through life when it is so beautiful? 

Wake up, wake up! It's Monday, a new week, be gorgeously alive in it. 

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