Rawxies, Get in my Belly

Recently, my friends at Rawxies (see last year's post, here) came out with some new treats. Namely, their "Crunch", a savory granola-type snack that is a really incredible chip substitute. (Chips? Who needs chips anymore? What are they?)
Made up of seeds and lemon juice, seasonings and healthy oils, there is literally nothing on the ingredients list that you can't either see on the product with your naked eye, or taste on the crunch the moment you put it in your mouth. Which is a quality we appreciate. They are vegan, gluten free, sugar free,  soy free, LIVING food.  Terrence's favorite was the Cheezy Curry Chipotle, and mine was overwhelmingly the Cheezy Chili Lime. (HOLY LORD)

The other newbie I received was the cookie flavor, Mocha Almond. Now, I will admit I have no clue who Darby Brender is, ( this is apparently the person who 'picked' this flavor) nor am I going to do even a brief google search to find out who she is. Because, after consuming these cookies en masse, I am just going to assume she is someone with really good taste and leave it at that. In fact, I'd like to invite her out to dinner and have her recommend what I should eat, if her cookie choice is any reflection of her tasting skills. 
But seriously, last year when I tried the Lemon, Banana and Mint Chocolate flavors of the Rawxies cookies, I was like, "Daaaaannnnng, these cookies delicious."So I was surprised how much I loved the soft almond of this new flavor. It is a subtle yet complex almond flavor with just a hint of that rich mocha-coffee taste. Definitely perfect for after-morning runs or as a substitute for the disgusting breakfast they offer on trans-Atlantic flights. In fact, Terrence and I ate the Crunch as a snack just after take-off on our recent Paris Trip, and then each had Mocha Cookies for breakfast before disembarking. ( And you know I brought some to Barcelona with me.)

So, if you haven't tried Rawxies yet, I'd recommend it. The owner of the company, Callie England, is an inspiration in herself. Promoting healthy, raw foods that fuel human bodies without cruelty, and with a great attitude and kindness, kindness, kindness. 
And if you have tried the old stuff, get ordering again because the new products are something to write home about. Or write blogs about. Whatever.

Check ya back here Wednesday for a quick summer recipe to greet July with. 

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