A Morning in the Boqueria

One afternoon my mother and I had been out walking in La Ramblas, and we stumbled upon the Boqueria. We spent a few minutes poking around, bought some Marcona Almonds to munch on and resolved to come back in the morning. 

And, Oh Boy. 

The Boqueria in the morning is a sight to behold. Fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, fish, nuts, every edible one can imagine. The market is filled with stalls containing fresh fruit cups, ready to eat. Hot falafel, fried + grilled fish, empanada-like sandwiches filled with delicious goodies like sweet potato, fresh herbs and greens. 

We scouted a path through the madness, stopping here and there for a cup of strawberries or a just-made horchata. We were on cloud 10. 

It was this that made me most want to live in Barcelona. I always find one thing about every city that makes me yearn to relocate. In Amsterdam it's, well, it's everything. In Antwerp it was the quiet streets, in San Francisco the Ferry Building, in Paris, Montmartre. But here, in Barcelona, it was this Boqueria that enabled me to see myself, busily buying from stalls, picking out ingredients for a recipe and nibbling on a nectarine. It just felt like my kind of place. (Probably all of the FOOD didn't hurt.)

So, see yourself at the Boqueria. Picture yourself in Barcelona. And go, go, go! Adventure (and your stomach) won't wait!


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