Gettin' Gaudi

Everyone knows La Sagrada Familia, the as yet unfinished architectural masterpiece of a basilica. Within the city of Barcelona, though, there are other examples of Gaudi's genius. 

The photos above are of Casa Batllo, and the Palau Guell. These two residences are completely different. Palau Guell resembling a medieval castle, and Casa Battlo a sort of fairytale-house, where one can imagine some type of fantasy world existing. 

Touring these magnificent spaces with my mother was a treat and definitely made us both lament how building practices have changed. The attention to detail and the extra flourishes within the spaces are staggering. Nothing is ever built to be beautiful anymore. Houses are built efficiently and from cookie-cutter house plans. Nothing like this is being built, which is unfortunate. 

But the light falling throughout the stained-glass or the specially cut windows gives off shadows of days gone by. It gives one a glimpse of the families that lived here, shades of Barcelona past...and of Gaudi himself, creating the whole masterpiece from some brilliant place in his mind. 

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