Amalfi Life Lessons

We returned. Two years after our honeymoon, we returned to the Amalfi Coast to see it with new eyes. For me, it was the third time I had graced the coast, and I was startled to see just how "same" it was to the past trips. It sounds cliche, but truly, I was the one who was different. 

We were a little sad to see how much more touristic the coast had become, and especially our beloved Amalfi. It was still a beautiful, shining jewel on the Tyrrhenian Sea, but now it was a treasure that more people had found, which made it...less magic in a way. 

But, it still held enchantment. We played in the water, and sunned on the beaches. We drank limoncello, and savored our lemon gelato. We hiked up ancient Roman stairs and through forests that tourists never even think about. We ate cheese that was made the same day we tried it, from cute little goats that live peaceful lives. We watched Amalfi sunsets, Agerola sunsets, and walked home in the gloaming in Herculaneum.

This coast in Italy is so much more than the tourist shops and the sorbetto. It is more than perfect pizza and fresh catch seafood and local wine. It is LIFE. Everyone seems so...happy, and unhurried and content. It is a beautiful model for life in general, and I hope every person that reads these words finds that kind of harmony.

It is beautiful and elusive, but if you look in the right places, it's waiting. 


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