Lunch with a View

Up, up, up through the streets of Positano is a restaurant that we will be dreaming about for years to come. It's not a large place, and it doesn't require a suit and tie, or a cocktail dress. It looks like a lot of other restaurants on the Amalfi Coast, in fact.

The same smells, the same chairs, table linens and local wine. But if you thought it was the same, you would most definitely be wrong. It's worlds away from anything.

Sitting down at the table, Terrence, our friend Maria and I were immediately captivated by the view. The window makes a perfect frame for what appears to be a dazzling sea landscape with startling blue waves, bursting bougainvillea, and bright swathes of greenery. The streets below swirling in and out of each other toward this high mountain-top restaurant. Our conversation falls silent because... what words can you use? How can you verbalize a sight this beautiful, this unbelievable. Except to repeatedly say, "It looks like a painting" or "this can't be real!"

But, surprisingly our attention is tugged the food that arrives on our table. The most beautiful plate of homemade pasta that I've ever beheld--and the taste is even better. A dish so simple, that I've made a hundred times myself, but never to this standard of perfection. It truly is a dream world, up here, so much closer to the clouds. Terrence is silent, except for the noises his mouth is making as he eagerly crams as much food as possible into his face. The only remarks Maria and I hear are, "This is the best day of my life" and "I feel like a King!".

Overly dramatic? No way. This place is really that incredible. Which is probably why it is so hard to get to, and so tucked away, and so difficult to forget. A little slice of heaven on Earth.

Our kind of heaven and food. Sounds about right.

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