Nolandia's Perfect Travel Shoe

We travel, a lot. {Nolandia Travels} So, shoes, for me, have become a thing. 

Which may be commonplace for some ladies, (and gents..including Mr. Nolandia who has a vast + varied shoe collection) but for me, I've always been a leather flip-flop and cheap flats kinda girl. High heels, as far as I'm concerned are for the birds, and when they are worn, it is for short periods of time before removing them. 

But anyways, we travel. And when we travel, we walk. Like, all the time. We love our trams in Amsterdam and we'll take the Paris metro in a pinch, but mostly, we like to be out walking around, really experiencing the city we are in. 
Which was always difficult for me, as I was forever getting blisters and buying the special blister-skin band-aids and my feet were achy and getting cramped after too many days of non-stop walking.

So, for our last trip to Paris, I broke down and bought a pair of Tieks. I had read all over the interwebz that they were "Omygawd so great for travel" and even though the price tag was less cute than the shoes, I figured... I needed them. Mr. Nolandia purchased them for me and called it a mother's day gift, and so we justified the expense. (Those animals act an awful lot like babies. And Terrence is a giant man-child.)

Anyway, I walked around Paris for 9 solid days in those shoes. From the Sacre Coeur to the Arc de Triomphe, and everywhere in between. We were walking fools. And seriously, my feet never hurt. Not once. I had ZERO blisters. Band-Aids? Not for me! They looked chic, and since I ordered in red they went with black and white and blue and grey... and basically all the colors I packed. I cannot begin to explain how happy I was to walk all over the place, with nothing but the happiest, prettiest little red shoes!

Anyway, I have since worn them all around Houston, to Germany, to Barcelona and in Italy. They are my magic travel shoes. 

Which is why, Terrence, (ever the genius) bought me another pair for my birthday, and in a wonderful coincidence of fate-- my mother in law and sister in law went in on a pair for me too. I am now the proud owner of 3 (count 'em,  3!) pairs of magic travel shoes. And not a moment too soon...because we have more travels coming around the corner.


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