A Surprise in the Mail

Raise your hand if you like mail. 
Me too. I love getting mail, even crap mail like bed, bath and beyond coupons. Can you imagine my excitement when my box full o' goodies arrived one Thursday afternoon a few weeks ago? Ecstatic. I was peeling apart the tape on the elevator, stupid smile on my face.

I had just received my first PopBasic box.

The concept of the company is really compelling. As a traveler and basic clothing aficionado, I was immediately hooked. Every month or thereabouts, they release a new clothing collection. There's always two to three items, and always under $100. It could be a shawl cardigan and a striped tee with a statement necklace, or a basic tee with a scarf and a leather clutch. 

The purpose is to build your wardrobe with high quality basics that can be mixed and matched and styled. For me, this was a great way to marry clothes with accessories for upcoming trips. 

When I opened the box, I found a knee-grazing slinky black dress, a gold bangle, and a golden key necklace. Along with the main goods, there was also a bright red lipstick and a purple/mauvey chubby eye pencil. Cloud 9 people. I'm a always a sucker for a black dress. 

They ship worldwide for free, and the micro-collections are well curated and high quality. The only drawback? I did say, micro-collection. Meaning that the clothes and accessories are such a good price because they are bought in bulk (I assume) one time, and when they're out, they're out. So, you'd need to sign up to figure out when the next drop is, in order not to miss it. (And I will fight you to the death for a small or xs!)

So, cool company, clothes get the nod for travel basics, and if you'd like to squeal like a newborn piglet when you get your box in the mail, check the following link. If you sign up, you get $15 to spend. You're welcome. 

xx and see you back here Tuesday!

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