Dublin Night Out

Dublin Night Out

Ever since I purchased this amazing dress from Dorothy Perkins, I have been itching to wear it. Along with my Alice Collection from Popbasic, I thought it would be perfect for some fancy nights out in Galway and Dublin. Especially after mucking about in our wellies and cable knit sweaters all day and being rained on.

As much as I like adventure, I'm not the most daring of fashion wearers. ( I abhor the word fashionista. YUCK) So, as you can probably tell, I prefer to stick with classics and neutrals and let a well-fitting piece do the talking. Anyway, as you are reading these words I bet  I'll be wearing a variation of this on the streets of Dublin, and probably spilling a pint all over it. 


Dublin Night Out by alexnolandia featuring an elbow length sleeve dress

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