From the Inside, Looking Out

I live in one of the largest cities in America. A hub of energy, finance, sales and new restaurants and shops. 

And yet, I yearn for another place. 

Don't get me wrong, Houston has its charms. Lots of vegetarian restaurants, infused drinks, swanky wine bars. Good art museums, art fairs and farmer's markets. But, to me, it feels like it is missing a soul. Or, maybe I'm just not tapped into it. 

In either case, when I'm trapped here too long, my heart starts to beat a little harder. There's a painful, trapped feeling that starts to swell in my chest. I bring up our photos of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, Amalfi, Naples, Barcelona...all of our trips. All of the discoveries and stomachaches and squabbles and too many glasses of wine nights that we had. And I wonder why we even came back?

Which leads me right back into gratitude. For now, this city and our jobs here are what enable us to travel how we do. We have health, we have healthy fruits and vegetables to eat, we have a safe place to live, and we have each other and our memories of all of the adventures we've had. 

And there's so many more to come. (Ireland tomorrow! And Don't FORGET Starlight Symphonies of Oak and Glass the new book, is out in paperback and kindle on October 31st! Pre-Order on Kindle today for $2.99)

It's corny and sappy and overused, but that doesn't make gratitude unimportant. Thank your lucky stars for what you have, do it often...and soon, what you have will be enough. 


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