Giving Thanks.

I'm Giving Thanks today, like the rest of my good red-blooded Americans. But, my gratitude is more specific. Today is Terrence's birthday, and so all of my thanks goes to him. The man he is, the man he is becoming. 

Have you ever known anyone who was just unbelievably kind? Just considerate and helpful and affable. For no reason, to no aim, not hoping to gain anything from anyone. Just agreeable to everyone they meet. Genuine. 
That's Terrence. 

He is a man who always does his best. And not in the meaningless way that we usually write people off with. "He did his darnedest" No. Honestly, if there is a task before him, he will do it THE best. Head down, focused, pushing on.  Exemplifying Perseverance.  A totem of Steadfastness. 

A musician's soul, an analytical mind, an adventurer at heart and lover of small dogs and ornery cats. 

He's not the loudest, and never boasts. He is never cruel and doesn't call attention to himself. And for that, he has always been the most interesting man in any room. 

And so I'm grateful. Not only for knowing a man so elegant in manner and lifestyle, but because he is my best friend and my husband. I wish you could know him too. 

Happy Birthday, my love. 

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