Strawberries and Cream Kickstarter

Hello darlings! My lovely friend Madeline at Popbasic (remember when I raved about the company?)
is launching a kickstarter to fund the creation of these beautiful print and plain blouses. High quality basics like these are wardrobe essentials, and in order to get the shirts just right and up to the exacting standards of Popbasic, they decided to go the Kickstarter route so they wouldn't have to cut corners or compromise on quality. 

Take a peek at the gorgeous designs and support in any way you can. (I mean, support enough and you GET ONE) So, win-win, right?

Have a sweet, fancy, lovely, relaxing weekend and we will see you back on the blog next week for some more awe-inspiring images of Ireland, and my tips for your trip there. 
xx lovies. 

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