West Irish Coast

Ah, the road less traveled by. It really does make all the difference. 

Terrence and I chose the coastal route along the west coast of Ireland on our day trip to the Cliffs of Moher. We had been told by a fair few people that the interior route was safer, the roads were wider, and that it was more convenient. But, we decided missing out on an amazing experience of the small windswept towns and the spectacular views of craggy rocks, the Burren, and the raging Atlantic was not convenient at all for us. 

The road was very narrow, and the wind was sharp and merciless on our little car. But the scenery was incredible, and the opportunity to stop in the little colorful community of Doolin and eat the most delicious seafood chowder in the Universe (undisputed champion-in my book) was well worth it. 

The upside of taking the road less traveled? Well, it's less traveled. So, for many stretches of the road, we were the only car on it, and the countryside was so green and wild, that we almost felt like we were in a place out of time, which was the perfect backdrop for roadside pit-stops and smooches. 

Lesson learned for the Nolandians. Take the long way home. 

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