Apple Cider Hot Toddy

Jack Frost nipping at your nose? Or like me in Texas, are you just wishing you were cold? 

Well, here's a recipe for either of those situations. I like this on the sweeter side, so I am using Apple Brandy in lieu of Whiskey (and also because Whiskey is gross, but you are free to drink it if you want to. It is allowed.)  Note: you CAN use the traditional spirit instead if you don't want it too sweet.(or if you like gross tastes in your mouth)

I always liked the sound of "Hot Toddy" it  sounds oddly sexual and also comforting at the same time. It sounds like something Dickens would drink, but also maybe a nickname for a Madame at a weird Victorian Bordello.  So, yeah, the whole idea of Hot Toddy is lovely somehow. Anyway, whip up your own and enjoy. 

Apple Cider Hot Toddy
1 tbsp Honey
2oz Apple Brandy
1 teaspoon sugar (...but taste first because this drink is sweet as f*%&)
Hot apple cider. (Like, as much as you want to drink. Or, as much as you need to not throw up from hard liquor. Whatever)

Coat the bottom of an Irish Coffee Glass with Honey. (or if you are me, coat the bottom of A GLASS THAT YOU OWN, with honey)
Add whiskey or brandy
Fill with Hot Apple Cider
Stir Well

Ok, so in the recipe I am looking at it says, "garnish with lemon wedge, cinnamon stick and 2-3 whole cloves". But, I don't play that game. Who am I trying to impress? I'm just trying to pretend that it's Christmasy over here and boozing up at the same time. So, if garnish does it for you, GARNISH ON. If not, whatever, don't let the internet control you. 

Happy Holidays, dudes. 
Love, Madame Hot Toddy

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