Christmas Gifting Guide

Looking for some one-of-a-kind gifts? Designed by moi? Then perfecto, check out my artist gallery on Society6 and snag tshirts, hoodies, tanks, clocks, throw pillows, tote bags, phone cases and art prints. Right now, $5 off + Free Shipping  for everything in my store! Click this link to use code, and shop away!
Promo ends the 14th, so get hopping if you want the discount/want people in your life to have presents. 

Or, of course, for the bibliophile in your life, Starlight Symphonies of Oak & Glass

Alright, those are the end of my ideas. I always think gifts that are unique, made or written by a real person, are special. (And of course I am partial because I am the one who made these. Sorry I'm not sorry.)

Happy Holidays, buttheads. xx

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