Exceed Your Grasp

This Robert Browning quote has been buzzing around my mind the last few months. How apt, right? Goes along with that whole "if your dreams don't scare you, then they're not big enough" quote. 

This pops in my head when I'm writing, or when I am editing chapters. It slips into my brain when I'm tired and cranky and feel like a fake and a hack writer. It enters my soul when I feel 'not good enough', and it strengthens me somehow. My big dream and your big dream are different dreams altogether. What may seem scary and impossible to me, is someone else's every day reality. And it could and can and will be mine. 

What are you reaching for? And how far away is it? 

Keep on reaching. xx

(and help me grasp my dreams: Starlight Symphonies of Oak and Glass on Amazon)

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