So, this was a big year in the Republic of Nolandia. I published two books,

I am currently working on the next Historical Fiction/Fantasy novel, The Splendor Revival, due out later this year. 
I have had a ball writing for My City Magazine and for Coast to Coast Central

In 2014, Nolandia traveled to: Las Vegas (x2), San Francisco, Antwerp, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Amalfi, Naples, Traverse City, Dublin, Galway, Shannon, County Clare & Copenhagen. 

So what's new for 2015? Well, the new book. Plans for trips to: Southern France, Barcelona + Madrid, Amsterdam, Rotterdam + the Hague, Munich, Traverse City again, and London. 

Goals for 2015:
-travel as often as possible
-buy less, spend less
-spread more kindness
-write beautiful things
-finally master Spanish
-be in nature every day
-write more cards
-hug Terrence more, complain less

Some people think resolutions are silly, but not me. With a new year comes time to reflect on the successes and not-so-successes of the previous year. Time to consider what you've got down pat, and what can be improved. Reflection is key to happiness & growth.

When I started this blog in January of 2013, I didn't think much of it. It was a fitness blog, and I never really considered anyone would read it. Over time, it has become a travel lifestyle blog, because that is more in line with what my life is about. I take care not to write about politics or the latest health trends, or basically anything controversial. Not because I am not passionate about any of these subjects, I am. Most definitely. 

Rather, I envision my blog as a place for positivity, for beauty, for goal chasing and far-off places to dream about. A place to stretch out and get comfortable and let your imagination take over--kind of the way I approach the world + my writing, in general. 

Anyway, thank you for another year of reading my blog. Whether you read it sporadically, or every time I put a post up. I will continue to write and feature beautiful things. 

So, if you need a break, or an arm-chair vacation or a recipe for something yummy, come on back. I'll be here all year. 

xx and cheers to 2015!

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