Gadding About Copenhagen

Copenhagen. It's not a place I ever really thought about, to be honest. Terrence brought it up one day in passing, and it grew like a weed in my conscious. 
It was strangely exotic to me. A Northern cosmopolitan with very little daylight and castles and queens and home of the best restaurant in the world. It would be a world of Christmas markets and hot-spiced gløgg and smørrebrød and it is literally the happiest place on Earth

So we went, for Christmas. And it was all we thought it would be. The people were friendly, the food was delicious, the castles impressive. It snowed on Christmas morning, the whole world outside our window sugar dusted for the rest of our stay. With pink cheeks and light hearts we explored this forever twilit city. The sun did not rise until after 8, and it set no later than 16:00. But far from falling asleep with that darkness, the city came more fully to life. Twinkling white lights lit the city from harbor to center and the streets were aglow with candles in the windows. 

Stay tuned for more of our Copenhagen adventures next week, and maybe start planning your trip. A lovelier, cozier, friendlier place does not exist for Christmas. 


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