Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

Can you ever tire of castles? I think it may be something uniquely American though, this fascination with castles. I'm sure Europeans admire them, and are just as thrilled with their majesty...but there is something so completely American about the way we adore the idea of royalty. 

I think because we have no castles of our own, so that perhaps they seem like a fairytale dream. Something on par with unicorns and magic. A place where storybook princesses live. As per usual, the truth is much more dreary.
To go to a castle and see portraits of unattractive Kings and Queens, and to see that they were built "strategically" and made to withstand a "siege" certainly makes them a little bittersweet, but still, our imaginations catch fire. And Rosenborg Castles in Copenhagen is no exception. Especially with the marble ceilings and walls, colorful rooms decked out with tapestries and a rainbow of colors. An elegant throne room enough to make me drool most unbecomingly.

And... the crown jewels kept in the basement. Multiple crowns, necklaces, brooches, rings, pins, scepters, and other bauble doo-dads that I would love to take a bath in. 

I guess castles are kind of magic. (especially the jewel part.)

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