The Water Bluer than the Sky

I have nothing important to say today. No overview of a recent vacation, (though I did just go on one and am in the midst of planning several more.) No recipe. No tongue in cheek account of my father's antics from when I was a child.

Just these two photos and some thoughts.

I am putting out my latest book later this month. It is a fantasy novel, and in the midst of the novel, the characters find themselves looking up at the same terraced hills in the above photographs. They marvel at the same lapis-blue sea. And so I guess, I marveled with them. ( I did create them after all)

The coast line in southern Italy, as I have shouted from every rooftop before, is a thing of singular beauty. And not for the way it looks alone, though it is truly stunning. But because of something hidden. (isn't that how all truly beautiful things are? Something indefinable about their fineness?)

A place where the clouds bend down to kiss the hills and the sun has a way of shining just so, as if creating the perfect lighting to show off the geography to its best advantage. 

Much like writing, I think. A good writer frames their words just as the sun I have described. A worthwhile novel makes the reader wish to lean in, climb inside, to kiss the words on the pages with their mind.

Madness, probably. What am I even talking about today?

I hope you have beautiful thoughts today. Thoughts so gorgeous they shine out of your eyes and onto everything you see. I hope you have an exciting and lovely book to read that holds your attention rapt and sets your imagination aflame. 

And if you don't...wait a few weeks. My book will be out by then. 


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