Pensacola: Splash of Sunshine

We recently traveled to Pensacola, about 7 hours away from Houston by car. Which was a nightmarish drive on I-10. No me gusta.

We were there on a work trip, and Mr. Nolandia was gone all day. Which left me hours of sunshine and writing. It sounds nicer than it was. It was basically write OR sunshine, because sand-filled notebooks and weird paper-sharped tan lines and sweat everywhere isn't the best writing environment. But, it was pleasant overall, obviously. 

The water was crystal clear, like a wavy glass before the eye. The sand like spun sugar, so white that it almost resembled snow. The beach near our hotel was largely empty, just a small 100 ft or so stretch of sand on the sky-blue water. No clouds overhead, just pure liquid sunshine, my thoughts, and my writing. 
There wasn't a whole lot else to do in Pensacola, besides walk to parks or go to the beach, both pastimes perfectly suiting my mood. 
At night, we noshed on fresh oysters, like tasting the sea, and drank down cold white wine...the mix of salt and sweetness the perfect almost-summer flavor. 

A quick spot of sunshine and ocean breeze before we headed back to the Houston inferno. 


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