The Houston Down-Low

Recently, I did a post for Coast to Coast Central on Houston. The city that Mr. Nolandia and I call home is large, varied and complex. There are interesting people, great coffee shops and incredible restaurants. The margaritas here are insane, and don't get me started on the fish tacos. 

But, truth be told, I find no joy in being a Texan. No reason in particular, I just can't hang my hat here. Michigan is always home, of course, but this awesome as it can be, I can't help but think of it as a stepping stone to our next adventure. (and it honestly can be awesome. Which I freely admit, though don't tell Mr. Nolandia because I do  like to grumble. And complain and whine and command him to get a transfer abroad. Which has worked marvelously, as we are still here.)

Anyway, I tried my best to offer up the best of the city that I tolerate, to find the best hangouts, the best places to spend a steamy day and the most delicious spots to imbibe the choicest Bayou City booze. 


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