The Library of Panopticon- AVAILABLE TODAY

Dreams do come true. Today I am ecstatic to announce the publication of The Library of Panopticon on both Kindle and in paperback.

While writing Wide, Wild, Everywhere I fell in love with one of my own characters. A precocious little boy who loved reading. Long after the book was published, I thought about him and his life and his family. I thought about his imagination...and somehow I started wondering what it would be like to travel within books. How would one feel if one could simply open a book, and disappear into the world of the pages? What would this society of people be like? What would their mission be? And so,  the The Library of Panopticon was born. 

Today you can step into that world for yourself. Tread in the footsteps of my characters and my imagination and take a peek into the extraordinary. 

Safe travels. 

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