"Finally, they came to an ordinary door. It had a pane of glass in the middle not unlike an elementary classroom door. Marcus Birdwhistle reached a long arm into his forest green trouser pockets and produced a large gold key that looked much too grand for such a door. But when the key touched the lock, the door soared in height and burst out in ornate carvings of vines and roses done in gold leaf. Without a backward glance or word of explanation, Marcus Birdwhistle stepped into a room that only can be described as a cross between the oval office and Louis XIV’s study. A large imposing desk with a stylized open book wrought in gold on the front of it. Tapestries, a scattering of faberge eggs, and two paintings that Julian could swear were Rembrandt’s “Storm of the Sea of Galilee” and Vermeer’s “the concert” hung from the walls. Paintings that Julian knew his art professor had lamented as stolen and “lost forever to the world”. Where in the world was he?"-- excerpted from The Library of Panopticon, Alexandria Nolan

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