Bubble, bubble, Pasta Pot.

It has been brought to my attention that there has been a dismal lack of recipes on this blog lately, and for that, I profoundly and dramatically apologize.

But, you see, I haven't been making anything new. Or at least, making any recipes worth sharing. I didn't think anyone would fancy a roasted broccoli recipe that is: drizzle with oil and seasonings, bake. Or, perhaps an oatmeal recipe: follow directions for steel cut oats. Add strawberries and honey. Eat like a starving peasant, i.e. ungracefully and with much smacking of lips.

But, every other week or so, I like to buy really good imported Italian egg noodles, see above, and make some homemade sauce (no, you're not getting that recipe. It's a closely guarded secret that I've only told to anyone who has ever complimented my pasta, which is, everyone who has eaten it.) The specific pasta pictured above has Quorn brand vegan meatballs added, which I could take or leave, but Mr. Nolandia was very attached to. I used a homemade puttanesca sauce, and a new method for finishing the pasta that has been taking the internet by storm. 

Check the link to find out the super-easy, incredibly delicious way to make what tastes like authentic you-are-really-in-Italy, Italian pasta. And observe the immediate sense of peace and wellbeing that will come over your person. 

Try it out, buy the good ingredients, make something fantastic and forget to worry about carbs. Fact: Italians are the most beautiful people on Earth. FACT: They eat a lot of carbs. Ergo, eating carbs makes you glamorous and beautiful. 


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