Strawberry Soft Serve

Ok, so this strawberry ice cream is incredible. As in, I am almost not able to credit it. Plus, as you may know from my other recipes, it had to be essentially a child's recipe for me to attempt it. Not because I am lacking in cooking skills, but because I am über lazy. 

This strawberry not-really-ice-cream is THE balls. Delicious, sweet, super easy and gone within moments. The original recipe was all like "make sure you use a food processor", but you know me, I was like, "Oh, you mean blender" because mama doesn't have a food processor. Mama refuses to purchase a food processor. Mama doesn't  know why I am referring to myself as 'mama'.....

Anyway, here's the recipe. Which is all you wanted from me anyway.

Strawberry Kind-of Ice Cream, Maybe
Gather yo stuff
4 cups frozen strawberries
1/2 cup plain yogurt (I used coconut yogurt, because, LOOK AT ME)
3 tbsp honey
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

+Add the frozen strawberries, yogurt, lemon juice and honey to the blender.
+Process until creamy and smooth, about 5 minutes. I had to stop and start a few times, putting a brave spoon down into the belly of the blender beast to knock around the stubborn strawberries, but in the end--VICTORY.
+Serve immediately or pop into the freezer for up to a month. (But, who are we kidding, AMIRITE?)
*Feel free to add more honey if desired. But really, don't. Because you are sweet enough, girl. And also, what are you, an animal? Winnie the effing Pooh? Stay outta that honey jar, sweet cheeks. 

That's it. Eat it. Eat it every night. Mama won't tell.
(Who is MAMA?)
See ya back here next week for something else interesting/mildly funny/uncomfortably soul searching.

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